Festival Lovin’

Manayunk Food Festival

Philly, PA

Unlimited Yums 😋😋😋😋😋


Festivals make me happy! I saw  an ad on Facebook for the Manayunk strEAT Festival  and knew I had attend. I immediately went to the website to see the list of vendors and squealed with excitement at all the food trucks that would be there. The weather couldn’t have been better, it was the perfect Spring day topping out at 68 degrees. Since I’d be in for a lot of walking and eating I had to dress comfy. So I went for a cute and casual look;  sporting a striped maxi, flats and a cross body! I topped the look off with a chambray shirt wrapped around my waist and some aviators! I was ready!

After a 20 minute shuffle to find parking I was finally in there! As soon as I stepped on the street the aromas engulfed me and I almost swooned. I took in the sea of people and I was ready for my first stop!

Humpty’s Dumplings!

These aren’t your average dumplings honey! These handcrafted goodies come fried, steamed or baked. The only option at the festival was fried and that was alright with me. I got the BBQ Chicken and it was love at first bite. The chicken was the perfect blend of sweet and spicy!

Then I moved on to The Cow & The Curd. A little taste of Wisconsin in the City of Brotherly Love!


Man listen!!! Cheesy Ooey Gooey Goodness is all I can say! These remind you of mozzarella sticks but 100 x’s better. It’s cheddar cheese deep fried in a light crispy batter. The cheese has just enough saltiness and it melts in your mouth.

I took a little break after that just to sight see and people watch. So many trucks and not enough money or time to try them all! Lol.




My last stop was a “ball” of fun.

Mama’s serves up meatballs the classic way, the spicy way and the unconventional way. They’re supposed to come in sliders but by the time I got there, they ran out of rolls. I opted for the Spicy Ball and it was good. It had cheese in the middle and the spices and flavor blended nicely. I enjoyed the meatball, but honestly Mama’s ain’t got nothing on my mama!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the “Bacon Jam” I sampled. Yep you read that right.



I LOVE bacon and I’m always intrigued at the variety of delicacies that are made out of it. I’m not a jam girl but that still didn’t stop me from trying it. It was sweet with just a hint of saltiness  from the bacon flavor. If you love bacon and love jams then I’m sure you’ll love this!!!

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Eat Fab

Xo, Dana