Dining w/Dmitri 


Philadelphia, PA


4 Yums 😋😋😋😋

My coworker and I were chatting one Wednesday, when she told me about Dmitri’s, a Greek and Mediterranean BYOB restaurant.  She just couldn’t stop raving about it. Then our boss walks in and also gushes about this place. Well of course on that Friday I had to check them out. But I was quickly bummed when we couldn’t find parking. Dmitri’s is in The Queen Village section of Philly and on a busy Friday night parking was impossible for us. So after driving around for almost 30 minutes with no luck we decided we’d come another time. And that’s just what we did;  but this time we Uber’d it. We got there around 8:30 on a Saturday night and surprisingly the wait was only 20 minutes. Actually, the hostess offered to seat us immediately at the bar but we opted to wait for a table. 

The kitchen is smack dead as soon as you enter. It’s open so you can see the cooks slicing, dicing, flipping and burning. I love watching cooks in action.

 As soon as we were seated the waitress came over to greet us, give us water and pour our wine. She quickly ran down the specials and gave us time to make our decision. I wanted to order almost everything on the menu. But at the suggestion of another patron, I settled on the grilled octopus (first time trying it) and shrimp pil pil. My boyfriend had the grilled lamb entrée and we also ordered the hummus and broiled oysters to start with. The hummus which came with warm pita bread was slightly disappointing because it lacked flavor but my boyfriend enjoyed it. Oh but those broiled oysters; honey I almost felt like I was back in Nawlins (if you’ve had chargrilled oysters from NOLA then you know what I’m talking about). They were grilled on a half shell and drizzled or better yet swamped in a lemon-butter-garlic sauce. Not quite like NOLA but the next best thing! 

Broiled Oysters

The shrimp pil pil was even better. Spicy-garlicy-full of flavor that hit the spot. They also had a slight crunch because they were fried very lightly. I could’ve stopped right there and had a 2nd helping really. They were that good. You know how something is so good, you don’t even wanna share? Yea that was me with those shrimp. LOL. 


Shrimp Pil Pil

Finally I tried the octopus and it too was excellent. I was always skeptical about trying octopus because I hated the way it looked but to my surprise they were served as a pile of tentacles instead of a large whole octopus. The texture reminded me of chicken and again it was in a lemon, garlic buttery sauce (see a theme here). I am now a fan! Everything tasted  so fresh!

Grilled Octopus

Finally my boyfriend said his meal was bomb! The entree came  with veggies and rice. I did taste the lamb and it was seasoned well and very tender. He loved it! 


Grilled Lamb Entree

I really enjoyed Dmitri’s. The place is small, nondescript and cramped, but the food and service more than makes up for it. Some things to note is that its cash and check only, no reservations and its almost always a wait. Not necessarily a good place for large crowds!

I’ll certainly be back! 

Eat fab xo,

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4 thoughts on “Dining w/Dmitri 

  1. chicexcellence says:

    I lived in South Philly for years and never heard of this restaurant! Definitely going to give it a try after this review, seems perfect for a date night. But I’ll hold the octopus for now, I’m not quite there yet lol but this was a great read!


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