Always Crabby

A & A Liquors & Tavern

Camden, NJ

5 Yums 😋😋😋😋😋 
Let me just tell y’all. I’m from the hood. Camden, NJ to be exact. No matter where I live or where my travels take me I will always come back to the hood. Especially for food!  Raise your hand if you feel me!!

Y’all know there’s just certain food that you can’t get anywhere else. Like sautéed crabs! Listen Linda lol…I love crabs! I am ALWAYS in the mood for them. I eat them all the time and usually I cook them myself but I absolutely love to pick’em up somewhere else. Now I’ve gotten crabs from a few bars in Camden and for the most part they were good. But my sister girls Meemah & Aisha had been telling me about Ms. Kim’s crabs. 

“Girl Ms Kim’s crabs are the best”

“Danaboo you have got to try Ms. Kim’s crabs; seasoned like no other”

Well damn! I’m missing out I thought. But not anymore because I was getting some crabs this week. So let me run it down to y’all. Ms Kim sells her crabs out of a small hole in the wall, unassuming bar slash liquor store. Chyle I grew up in Camden and never even knew this bar was there lol. Now get this, Ms Kim knows she’s the shit because she sends out a mass text early in the morning and you must reply with your order. Yes honey. You can come pick up your order starting around 5ish and if you haven’t gotten it by 7pm  she sells it to someone else! Finally, she’s only at the bar on Wednesdays and Thursday’s! Get yo life! 

Honey Meemah got that text and I placed my order Asap. I even got an order for my mom because I knew she would enjoy as well. The platters are $15 for  a half dozen crabs with a piece of corn. You can also get a $20 combo that includes the crabs, corn and 5 shrimp. You have your choice of hot or mild. I love spice so I got the hot combo platter for myself and the mild for my mom.  

After a few drinks at the bar with Meemah, I couldn’t wait to get home because crabs are messy and I gets down and dirty with mines! Lol. 

Let me tell y’all;  I really should have taken more pics but baby the aroma got me and I just couldn’t wait to dig in. I’m gonna do better next time y’all. 

Combo Platter

My girls weren’t lying. These crabs were so yummy. Hot, spicy and seasoned to perfection. The buttery sauce that pooled to the bottom of the styrofoam container was all I needed to dip and dump my crab meat in. A lot of times with sautéed crabs they tend to be salty. Not these baby. These were divine.  The shrimp were also good. They were a nice size, peeled easy and cooked just right. With every bite of shrimp and taste of crab I felt like the flavors danced in my mouth. It was so good that I’m going to forgive Ms. Kim for the less than stellar corn. Yea that was the only miss. It’s almost shocking to me that the crabs and shrimp were so full of flavor but the corn was so full of blandness! 

I’m gonna be a forever customer now. I’ll be added to her text list because when crabs are this good you just can’t depend on no one else to place your orders. Lol. Next time I’ll be sure to have my bro Doc with me because he’s another one that’ll be able to appreciate this goodness like me. 

Do you like crabs? Where’s your favorite place to get them? 

Eat Fab xo,



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