Wangs & Things

Dallas BBQ

New York, NY

3 yums 😋😋😋

About 2 weeks ago I had a chance to go to NYFW to attend Tracy Reese’s Spring 2016 show. So naturally for me my 1st thoughts were-what to wear & where to eat! I knew I had to be cute but comfy because I’d be doing a lot of walking  plus I had backstage access so I’d have the hustle and bustle of trying to score interviews, take pics and network. After rummaging through my closet and putting outfits together in my head I settled on a plaid shirt dress, my fav red pumps and a simple cross body. I donned some silver accessories and I was ready to go!


Dress ~ Old Navy  Shoes ~ Zara (old) Crossbody ~ My Mom’s

I brought my bro Rodney along with me and at the last minute he decided to drive to (we usually catch the train or bus) so we didn’t have to do much walking after all! But after the show was over my feet were still hurting and I was famished! We were both famished! I checked my handy app “Around Me” and we saw that Dallas BBQ’s was nearby so we settled on that. Now both of us have been to BBQ’s several times. It’s one of those cheesy touristy spots and honestly I couldn’t even tell you  what the bar-b-que really taste like because I refuse to try it. But I can tell you about the wangs! Yes not wings but wangs! I ALWAYS get the sticky wangs and baby they are so damn good.


Sticky wangs

First off they are whole wings. A lot places that have wings on the menu usually give you the wing dings.  These are fried hard; which I love and are tossed in the most delicious honey based sauce ever. These are actually on the appetizer menu but I always order as my entree. You can get 5 or 10. We got 10 and split it.

Rodney ordered a seafood platter appetizer which came with shrimp & crab cakes on a bed of lettuce. It was sad.

The shrimp were pretty bland and the crab cakes were more like crab balls, with more filling and less crab.

Try and spot the crab meat? I’ll wait.

Crab-less Balls

While you’re looking for the crab, let me tell you about BBQ’s pleasing and potent frozen drinks. They come is so many flavors and you can get them non-alcoholic as well. The drink I had was called Blue Hawaiian and I opted for the extra shot of vodka! Why not? I wasn’t driving! Rodney got a classic strawberry daiquiri. These drinks never disappoint, I always go for something sweet and I always leave feeling nice and toasty!

BBQ’s is definitely not a place you’ll rave about but if you want fast service, good frozen drinks and tasty wangs then put them on your list for your next visit to NYC. Oh yea they have several locations so no matter what borough you’re in I’m sure you’ll find them!

Eat fab xo,



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