Harlem Globe-Trotting

Red Rooster
Harlem, NY
4 Yums 😋😋😋😋

Early this Spring I spent a Saturday in NYC. I was invited to a bridal fashion show (read more about that here) and I had plans to meet up with a college friend. After the show was over, I thought the day is too nice for me to go home; and when you’re in New York, you must shop and eat! I’m so glad I dressed comfortably in printed joggers and top from Target that I dressed up with heels. (Make no mistake I had some flats in my bag lol)

I’ve been to the city plenty of times, however I never made my way to Harlem. I walked a few blocks, moseyed into some stores and thought “yea, today’s a good day for Harlem.”  The one thing that was on my mind was trying out “Red Rooster”. This restaurant has been on my list for a few years. It’s owned by famed chef Marcus Samuelsson and has received rave reviews. Lucky for me as soon as I walked up the subway steps Red Rooster greeted me!

I loved it as soon as I entered the doors. Wait, actually before I entered because of the cool and hip outdoor seating scene. Inside, the decor and ambiance was awesome. Felt authentic and vintage. It was bustling but I was greeted and seated immediately. There was a nice bar area and I noticed there were stairs leading to a lower level which I later learned was another dining area. It was around 1-ish when I got there so I was still in time for brunch. After perusing the menu I was torn. Did I want brunch or something from the lunch menu. Decisions…decisions.

While I was looking over the menu, my waiter came and asked if I wanted to start with cornbread. Sure why not! I also ordered the “Rooster Punch” which is sangria. I love sangria and this did not disappoint. But for $10 they could have filled the glass up more honey!

The cornbread came and it was 2 thick slices which was more than enough for 1 person. It came with honey butter and tomato jam. The cornbread was good and not overly sweet, with pieces of corn cooked in it. The tomato jam was eh, kinda taste like stewed tomatoes with a little sugar in it. I’m a butter girl and the honey butter was perfect to spread on top. Honestly though the cornbread was so moist and good you could have eaten it by itself.

My meal came and I dug right in. The catfish was cooked to perfection. It was topped with a fennel raised chutney; that combined with the herbs and spices had my taste buds dancing. And the grits!!! They were the creamiest grits I ever tasted. I’m a fast eater but I had to slow down because I wanted to savor every bite. It was good!!!

I really enjoyed my 1st experience at Red Rooster. I’ll be back and next time I’m bringing friends with so I can sample more of the menu!!
Eat Fab Xo,



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