Over the BLUE moon

Blue Moon Cafe

Baltimore, MD


4 Yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
So about a month or so ago I took a road trip to South Carolina with Bae to visit his daughter. I remember when he first mentioned it, he wanted us to fly but I quickly convinced him that a road trip would be better. “It’ll give us some time to bond,” “we’ll save money” etc. But little did he know the real reason I wanted to drive is because I had restaurants that I’ve been wanting to try and here was my opportunity to check some off my list. Lol. Well maybe he did know. But nonetheless I got my way! 
Since we had to drive through Maryland, I knew our first stop would be Blue Moon Cafe. I saw this restaurant on an episode of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives a few years ago and I remember thinking “I’ve got to try this place.” Then one of my IG friends went when she visited B-More and couldn’t contain herself. After doing a quick hashtag search I was literally drooling over every pic posted! I couldn’t wait! 

We got to Blue Moon around 8:45am on a Saturday and surprisingly were seated immediately. Blue Moon is small; probably 10 tables at best and has a nice eclectic and homey atmosphere. I instantly felt good in the space. 

There really wasn’t a need for us to look at the menu because we’d already decided we would go with the most popular entrees! And we soon learned why they were favs. 

As soon as you take your first bite of the “Sweet Baby Jesus” that’s exactly what you will say. This layered dish of hash browns , eggs (any way you like them), tomatoes, crabmeat, cheese and topped with hollandaise sauce is everything your heart desires. I’m not a huge fan of hollandaise so I got mines on the side. But baby let me just tell you that this dish definitely stands up to the hype. So rich and tasty. The different textures of food just feels like a party in your mouth. I had to slow down to savor each bite because it was so good! The dish is pretty pricey for breakfast ($20) but it’s a huge portion (that I’m not ashamed to say I ate every last drop) and considering the big chunks of lump crab meat you get; it’s totally worth it. 

My boyfriend got the Cap’n Crunch French Toast. Now this is the dish that was featured on triple D and I completely understand why! AH-MAZING! When I tasted it, I wanted to eat all of his dish and mines too. 

Now I don’t know whose idea it was to put Cap’n Crunch on French toast but thank god they did.  You get two pieces of Texas toast that’s dipped and rolled in a special blend of captain crunch and I don’t know what else. It’s topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit including apples, bananas, blueberrie and strawberries. This dish has the perfect balance of crunchy and sweet. In fact you really don’t need any syrup. My boyfriend said it was hands down the best version of French toast he’s ever eaten. And although I only had a bite, I’d have to agree. 

You already know I can’t wait to head back! The food was amazing, service was great too. Again, it is pricey. Our damage was $48; pretty high for breakfast. But who cares when the food is just that damn good.

Eat Fab xo,


Jumping for June’s

J’s Breakfast & Lunch

Philadelphia, PA

4 Yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
My boyfriend loves breakfast food. So whenever he recommends a spot to try I’m always game for it because he knows breakfast. He took me to J’s Restaurant (formerly June’s) one morning when we 1st started dating and I’ve been going back ever since. 

J’s is located in the hood (West Philly) and owned by a Korean family. They serve up traditional home style breakfast food that definitely meets the mark. This place is small, cramped, no frills no fuss and it’s always a wait. Service is quick and the food is good and inexpensive. My boyfriend lives about 10 minutes from J’s, so this has quickly become our go-to spot for when we’re too lazy to cook breakfast ourselves. 

I’ve tried a few dishes at J’s but I always come back for the buttermilk pancakes. They are just perfect, light and fluffy as ever. I usually get a side of sausage with them. I’ve had the patties and links. The links are a good size, not thin or flimsy at all, and they serve them split. 

My boyfriend usually gets the fish and grits with a side of eggs. You have your choice of flounder, tilapia  or whiting. He always gets flounder and it’s always fried golden to perfection. Sometimes he goes with the standard sausage, eggs, grits and toast with some home fries on the side. 


For all my non-pork eaters, this eatery sells turkey products so you’ll feel right at home. Another thing to note is that it’s cash only. But in case you forget, there’s an ATM on site for your convenience. 

I love J’s. Nothing fancy, just good ole breakfast food that hits the spot. Next time you find yourself in West Philly, pay them a visit! 
Eat Fab xo,


Dining w/Dmitriย 


Philadelphia, PA


4 Yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

My coworker and I were chatting one Wednesday, when she told me about Dmitri’s, a Greek and Mediterranean BYOB restaurant.  She just couldnโ€™t stop raving about it. Then our boss walks in and also gushes about this place. Well of course on that Friday I had to check them out. But I was quickly bummed when we couldnโ€™t find parking. Dmitri’s is in The Queen Village section of Philly and on a busy Friday night parking was impossible for us. So after driving around for almost 30 minutes with no luck we decided we’d come another time. And thatโ€™s just what we did;  but this time we Uber’d it. We got there around 8:30 on a Saturday night and surprisingly the wait was only 20 minutes. Actually, the hostess offered to seat us immediately at the bar but we opted to wait for a table. 

The kitchen is smack dead as soon as you enter. It’s open so you can see the cooks slicing, dicing, flipping and burning. I love watching cooks in action.

 As soon as we were seated the waitress came over to greet us, give us water and pour our wine. She quickly ran down the specials and gave us time to make our decision. I wanted to order almost everything on the menu. But at the suggestion of another patron, I settled on the grilled octopus (first time trying it) and shrimp pil pil. My boyfriend had the grilled lamb entrรฉe and we also ordered the hummus and broiled oysters to start with. The hummus which came with warm pita bread was slightly disappointing because it lacked flavor but my boyfriend enjoyed it. Oh but those broiled oysters; honey I almost felt like I was back in Nawlins (if you’ve had chargrilled oysters from NOLA then you know what I’m talking about). They were grilled on a half shell and drizzled or better yet swamped in a lemon-butter-garlic sauce. Not quite like NOLA but the next best thing! 

Broiled Oysters

The shrimp pil pil was even better. Spicy-garlicy-full of flavor that hit the spot. They also had a slight crunch because they were fried very lightly. I couldโ€™ve stopped right there and had a 2nd helping really. They were that good. You know how something is so good, you donโ€™t even wanna share? Yea that was me with those shrimp. LOL. 


Shrimp Pil Pil

Finally I tried the octopus and it too was excellent. I was always skeptical about trying octopus because I hated the way it looked but to my surprise they were served as a pile of tentacles instead of a large whole octopus. The texture reminded me of chicken and again it was in a lemon, garlic buttery sauce (see a theme here). I am now a fan! Everything tasted  so fresh!

Grilled Octopus

Finally my boyfriend said his meal was bomb! The entree came  with veggies and rice. I did taste the lamb and it was seasoned well and very tender. He loved it! 


Grilled Lamb Entree

I really enjoyed Dmitri’s. The place is small, nondescript and cramped, but the food and service more than makes up for it. Some things to note is that its cash and check only, no reservations and its almost always a wait. Not necessarily a good place for large crowds!

I’ll certainly be back! 

Eat fab xo,

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Saturday Night Sushi


Collingswood, NJ
3 Yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
Last Saturday was uneventful for me. I ran errands, did laundry and cleaned the house. All things I dislike. Just as I was winding down for the night at around 8:30, a friend of mines called me and said he was in the mood for sushi. Tuh! Oh really, well of course I’ll go with you. (He really didn’t ask me though). See when food is involved, I always find a way to insert myself. LOL. Anyway,  I actually had a Groupon for what I thought was a restaurant I’ve been to before. Turns out it was a different spot. 

We got to Osaka around 9:45p. It’s a little BYOB & hibachi restaurant as well. Upon entering you’ll find the ambiance kinda soothing. There’s a large Buddha in the corner that greets you; and as I looked around I noticed it was comfortable enough for a casual visit but nice enough for a romantic date. 


Big Buddha.

There are two dining areas, one for sushi and one for hibachi. Clearly everyone wanted hibachi that night because the main dining room was quite empty. I didn’t mind though because I love a quiet and intimate space. 

Empty Dining Room

Now let me give you a disclaimer: I like sushi but I’m not a connoisseur. I’m still a beginner, I leave the fancy rolls to my friends Aisha & Rodney who are the ultimate sushi lovers. But this was the first time I had sushi where I noticed a difference. 

But first let’s start with the service. The waitress whose  name I don’t know because she never introduced herself was attentive but it was pointless because there was a language barrier and she didn’t understand anything we said. I saw that there were a few “special rolls” but when I asked Nameless Waitress to tell us more about it she looked at us like we had 2 heads. That was definitely disappointing to me because I like to ask questions about different rolls so I depend on a waiter who can provide details.  

We started with the shrimp dumplings as an appetizer. They were the norm. Cooked well and tasted good. I ordered a spicy tuna roll and shrimp tempura roll. My usuals. 

Spicy Tuna & Shrimp Tempura

While my sushi was presented well, the taste was something different. As soon as I picked up my 1st piece of spicy tuna it fell apart. The sushi wasn’t rolled tight at all, wrapped poorly which meant I had to get a little creative dipping in the sauce. The taste didn’t have a wow factor either.  The rice seemed a bit mushy or wet, which created a texture that I wasn’t feeling. The tempura was a little better; had a good taste but again some of the pieces fell apart.
My friend ordered the ‘four seasons roll’ -that included tuna, salmon, fluke, white tuna cucumber wrapped with soy paper in wasabi sauce! And the ‘king crab roll’-crab, advocado, cucumber with caviar. Both sound delish right? Well I wouldn’t know because I didn’t sample his but he did say both were good. 

And once again the four seasons roll fell apart. I didn’t even bother mentioning this to Nameless Waitress when she asked how our food was because it would have turned into a guessing game of what I’m saying. Instead I smiled and told her it was great. Lol.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t throw in the towel after one bad experience (unless the service is completely unacceptable) so I’ll probably try Osaka again, maybe giving the Hibachi a chance. Oh and I’ll need to have another Groupon because I like saving coins especially on sub par food. 

Eat fab xo,


Always Crabby

A & A Liquors & Tavern

Camden, NJ

5 Yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ 
Let me just tell y’all. I’m from the hood. Camden, NJ to be exact. No matter where I live or where my travels take me I will always come back to the hood. Especially for food!  Raise your hand if you feel me!!

Y’all know there’s just certain food that you can’t get anywhere else. Like sautรฉed crabs! Listen Linda lol…I love crabs! I am ALWAYS in the mood for them. I eat them all the time and usually I cook them myself but I absolutely love to pick’em up somewhere else. Now I’ve gotten crabs from a few bars in Camden and for the most part they were good. But my sister girls Meemah & Aisha had been telling me about Ms. Kim’s crabs. 

“Girl Ms Kim’s crabs are the best”

“Danaboo you have got to try Ms. Kim’s crabs; seasoned like no other”

Well damn! I’m missing out I thought. But not anymore because I was getting some crabs this week. So let me run it down to y’all. Ms Kim sells her crabs out of a small hole in the wall, unassuming bar slash liquor store. Chyle I grew up in Camden and never even knew this bar was there lol. Now get this, Ms Kim knows she’s the shit because she sends out a mass text early in the morning and you must reply with your order. Yes honey. You can come pick up your order starting around 5ish and if you haven’t gotten it by 7pm  she sells it to someone else! Finally, she’s only at the bar on Wednesdays and Thursday’s! Get yo life! 

Honey Meemah got that text and I placed my order Asap. I even got an order for my mom because I knew she would enjoy as well. The platters are $15 for  a half dozen crabs with a piece of corn. You can also get a $20 combo that includes the crabs, corn and 5 shrimp. You have your choice of hot or mild. I love spice so I got the hot combo platter for myself and the mild for my mom.  

After a few drinks at the bar with Meemah, I couldn’t wait to get home because crabs are messy and I gets down and dirty with mines! Lol. 

Let me tell y’all;  I really should have taken more pics but baby the aroma got me and I just couldn’t wait to dig in. I’m gonna do better next time y’all. 

Combo Platter

My girls weren’t lying. These crabs were so yummy. Hot, spicy and seasoned to perfection. The buttery sauce that pooled to the bottom of the styrofoam container was all I needed to dip and dump my crab meat in. A lot of times with sautรฉed crabs they tend to be salty. Not these baby. These were divine.  The shrimp were also good. They were a nice size, peeled easy and cooked just right. With every bite of shrimp and taste of crab I felt like the flavors danced in my mouth. It was so good that I’m going to forgive Ms. Kim for the less than stellar corn. Yea that was the only miss. It’s almost shocking to me that the crabs and shrimp were so full of flavor but the corn was so full of blandness! 

I’m gonna be a forever customer now. I’ll be added to her text list because when crabs are this good you just can’t depend on no one else to place your orders. Lol. Next time I’ll be sure to have my bro Doc with me because he’s another one that’ll be able to appreciate this goodness like me. 

Do you like crabs? Where’s your favorite place to get them? 

Eat Fab xo,


The View from Amarone’s


Hells Kitchen NYC


3 Yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

Last week my mom and I went to see one of her favorite tv shows, The View. If you ever get a chance to go to a live taping of a talk show do it. It’s a lot of fun and so much energy. We can’t wait to go back in the spring! 

So I was watching the weather all week and they kept calling for rain, which of course I wasn’t too happy about. I did NOT want to be traveling to NYC in the rain. Luckily though it actually turned out to be an ok day. It was dreary, but it never rained. Of course since there was a chance for me to be on TV I wanted to be cute. On the shows website it suggest “dress in bright colors like your going out to a nice dinner” Ha! Well say no more. That’s right up my alley.  I had an idea to mix it up a bit by mixing prints! I really couldn’t afford to buy anything new so I shopped in my closet! 

I paired a sweater pencil skirt with a lace crop top  and some faux snakeskin shoes!


Shirt ~ Target Skirt~ Bar II. Shoes~ Nine West


After The View we hopped in a cab and made our way to Hells Kitchen. I saw Amarone’s  on Yelp and from the reviews and the menu we decided that’s where we’d dine. 

Upon entering you noticed that it’s quaint with Italian decor and white tablecloths. Wine bottles line the walls and when we got there it was totally empty. 


For starters my mom went with the mussels and I had the calamari. The mussels were good, nothing to write home about; it just felt like I’ve had them before. You could get them with white wine or  tomato sauce and we opted for the wine sauce. The calamari was ok as well. They gave you a good portion and it came with this tomato dipping sauce and a half of lemon. I tried the dip but wasn’t feeling it. It had a pasty taste to me. No flavor at all. 


I wish I had snapped a pic of my moms 1st entree. She ordered the chicken Marsala but sent it back because it was way too lemony. I tried it and I swear it was like eating a lemon. Super tart;  you know how when you taste something that makes you squeeze your eyes shut and twist your mouth and nose up! Yea that’s what we did!  The waiter was really nice and accommodating though. In fact the service was great. They were very attentive! She ended up getting a pasta dish called Capellini di Giovinni. It was angel hair pasta tossed in shrimp, mushrooms and chopped tomatoes. It was really good. It tasted so fresh and light. It was a simple meal that could be easily duplicated. 

Capellini di Giovinni.

I had the Fettuccine Portofino. Tomato, shrimp, scallops and herbs tossed in fettuccini. It looks better than it tasted because I’ve definitely had better. Again it was the sauce. It tasted so pasty and it was a bit too thick for me. I didn’t hate it but I had to add salt and pepper to my liking. The shrimp and scallops were cooked just right but the pasta was  a little too al dente for me. After tasting my moms dish I wish I had gotten hers instead. 


Fettuccini Portofino

Will I be trying this restaurant again? Umm probably not. The service was great but the food was mediocre. I felt like I could easily duplicate the dishes and make them much better. 

Eat fab xo,


Wangs & Things

Dallas BBQ

New York, NY


3 yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

About 2 weeks ago I had a chance to go to NYFW to attend Tracy Reese’s Spring 2016 show. So naturally for me my 1st thoughts were-what to wear & where to eat! I knew I had to be cute but comfy because I’d be doing a lot of walking  plus I had backstage access so I’d have the hustle and bustle of trying to score interviews, take pics and network. After rummaging through my closet and putting outfits together in my head I settled on a plaid shirt dress, my fav red pumps and a simple cross body. I donned some silver accessories and I was ready to go!


Dress ~ Old Navy  Shoes ~ Zara (old) Crossbody ~ My Mom’s

I brought my bro Rodney along with me and at the last minute he decided to drive to (we usually catch the train or bus) so we didn’t have to do much walking after all! But after the show was over my feet were still hurting and I was famished! We were both famished! I checked my handy app “Around Me” and we saw that Dallas BBQ’s was nearby so we settled on that. Now both of us have been to BBQ’s several times. It’s one of those cheesy touristy spots and honestly I couldn’t even tell you  what the bar-b-que really taste like because I refuse to try it. But I can tell you about the wangs! Yes not wings but wangs! I ALWAYS get the sticky wangs and baby they are so damn good.


Sticky wangs

First off they are whole wings. A lot places that have wings on the menu usually give you the wing dings.  These are fried hard; which I love and are tossed in the most delicious honey based sauce ever. These are actually on the appetizer menu but I always order as my entree. You can get 5 or 10. We got 10 and split it.

Rodney ordered a seafood platter appetizer which came with shrimp & crab cakes on a bed of lettuce. It was sad.

The shrimp were pretty bland and the crab cakes were more like crab balls, with more filling and less crab.

Try and spot the crab meat? I’ll wait.

Crab-less Balls

While you’re looking for the crab, let me tell you about BBQ’s pleasing and potent frozen drinks. They come is so many flavors and you can get them non-alcoholic as well. The drink I had was called Blue Hawaiian and I opted for the extra shot of vodka! Why not? I wasn’t driving! Rodney got a classic strawberry daiquiri. These drinks never disappoint, I always go for something sweet and I always leave feeling nice and toasty!

BBQ’s is definitely not a place you’ll rave about but if you want fast service, good frozen drinks and tasty wangs then put them on your list for your next visit to NYC. Oh yea they have several locations so no matter what borough you’re in I’m sure you’ll find them!

Eat fab xo,


Burgers, Shakes and Wine

Burger 21

Voorhees, NJ


4 Yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

I love a good burger but not as much as my mom. Whenever she hears about a good burger joint she has to try it. That’s how I found out about Burger 21. She’s been there a few times and couldn’t stop raving about them. So of course I had to try. And of course I brought her along with me!

As soon as we entered I noticed how clean, airy and open the place felt! It was cool, hip and modern. The menu offers a variety of burgers including turkey, shrimp and veggie burgers. And for the person who foolishly goes to a burger joint but doesn’t order a burger; they have salads, hot dogs and chicken fingers for you.

My mom went for the classic burger- beef, lettuce and tomatoe. After adding ย fries and a chocolate milkshake, her order was complete!


I went overboard as usual and ordered the OMG burger and a Creme brรปlรฉe milkshake!

The burger: ย Double stacked angus beef goodness, lettuce, tomatoe, red onion, 2 pieces of applewood smoked bacon and American cheese! Lawd!

Baby when I tell you this burger was on point. Medium well, cooked to perfection and juicy on the softest toasted Brioche bun. This was a huge sandwich and I’m really not ashamed to say I ate every bit of it. It was messy, (as you can tell by the evidence on my shirt) ย but good burgers are supposed to be.

The shake: Sweet, thick and oh so yummy. I can’t really say it tasted like Creme brรปlรฉe though. It tasted like a mixture of vanilla and butterscotch. Topped with a thin crispy cookie and sprinkled with brown sugar.

Overall I enjoyed my first time at B21. The staff was friendly & attentive and the food was delish! It was a bit pricey for a burger joint. 2 burgers, 2 shakes and an order of fries came in at $30!

I think the best part about this place is the one thing I didn’t experience. The wine. I love wine and think it goes with everything! But since I had several bottles waiting for me at home I decided to pass.

B21…I’ll be back for sure!

Eat Fab Xo,


Harlem Globe-Trotting

Red Rooster
Harlem, NY
4 Yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

Early this Spring I spent a Saturday in NYC. I was invited to a bridal fashion show (read more about that here) and I had plans to meet up with a college friend. After the show was over, I thought the day is too nice for me to go home; and when you’re in New York, you must shop and eat! I’m so glad I dressed comfortably in printed joggers and top from Target that I dressed up with heels. (Make no mistake I had some flats in my bag lol)

I’ve been to the city plenty of times, however I never made my way to Harlem. I walked a few blocks, moseyed into some stores and thought “yea, today’s a good day for Harlem.”  The one thing that was on my mind was trying out “Red Rooster”. This restaurant has been on my list for a few years. It’s owned by famed chef Marcus Samuelsson and has received rave reviews. Lucky for me as soon as I walked up the subway steps Red Rooster greeted me!

I loved it as soon as I entered the doors. Wait, actually before I entered because of the cool and hip outdoor seating scene. Inside, the decor and ambiance was awesome. Felt authentic and vintage. It was bustling but I was greeted and seated immediately. There was a nice bar area and I noticed there were stairs leading to a lower level which I later learned was another dining area. It was around 1-ish when I got there so I was still in time for brunch. After perusing the menu I was torn. Did I want brunch or something from the lunch menu. Decisions…decisions.

While I was looking over the menu, my waiter came and asked if I wanted to start with cornbread. Sure why not! I also ordered the “Rooster Punch” which is sangria. I love sangria and this did not disappoint. But for $10 they could have filled the glass up more honey!

The cornbread came and it was 2 thick slices which was more than enough for 1 person. It came with honey butter and tomato jam. The cornbread was good and not overly sweet, with pieces of corn cooked in it. The tomato jam was eh, kinda taste like stewed tomatoes with a little sugar in it. I’m a butter girl and the honey butter was perfect to spread on top. Honestly though the cornbread was so moist and good you could have eaten it by itself.

My meal came and I dug right in. The catfish was cooked to perfection. It was topped with a fennel raised chutney; that combined with the herbs and spices had my taste buds dancing. And the grits!!! They were the creamiest grits I ever tasted. I’m a fast eater but I had to slow down because I wanted to savor every bite. It was good!!!

I really enjoyed my 1st experience at Red Rooster. I’ll be back and next time I’m bringing friends with so I can sample more of the menu!!
Eat Fab Xo,


Positively Positano

Positano Coast
Philly, PA
4 Yums ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

What better way to spend a Saturday night then at a trendy & posh  restaurant.  I finally made my way to Positano Coast after seeing this restaurant on the list for restaurant week many times.  I usually know what I’m gonna order before I get to a restaurant because I’m one of those people who stalk reviews and checks the menu 100 x’s before I go. Lol.

Our waiter Phil was pleasant and courteous but not very attentive. Once seated we waited about 10 minutes before he greeted us. He did apologize and I thought “Ok no big deal,” but afterwards there were a few disappearing acts!

Onto the food.  I started with  lemon drop martini that was made with limoncello. Gave it a creamy texture but it was oh so good. Different and divine. I moved on to Aldo’s Big Mussels, which were described as pan  roasted mussels, chorizo, Parmesan and sage in a tomato broth  sauce.  These mussels were good. Different for me because I usually have them in a white wine sauce.  However, I enjoyed the flavors of sage and chorizo mixed in with the mussels. Plus the chorizo was an added bonus making the app more hearty.  For my entree I went with the Zucchini Crab Cake!!! Chyle my mouth was having a party! It came on a bed of spinach drizzled in a butter sauce and surrounded by diced potatoes. Savored. Every. Bite.  Oh I almost forgot to mention the bread. Hmm I guess because it wasn’t anything spectacular.  Overall this was a good place with good food and a nice atmosphere. I’d come back just for the crab cake alone 


Lemon Drop Martini

Aldo’s Big Mussels

Zucchini Crab Cake
Eat Fab

Xo, Dana